Luft Book V2

Luft Book V2 is our second edition that takes the reader on a 248 page journey of the latest air-cooled happenings.

Volume 2 captures the latest Luftgekühlt events from Luft 4 through 6. Beginning at the Port of LA, the book transports the reader into the magical moments from Ganahl Lumber and Luft's largest gathering to date at Universal Studios. Our across the pond splashes in Great Britain and Germany are also featured to transport you back to relive those memorable happenings. World class photography culminate in this engaging visual and literary experience.

Designed, produced and printed in California
Complete with sleeve and stylized box.

Limited first print run available.

Intro by: Patrick Long
Photography by: Larry Chen, Nevin Pontious, Vince Perraud, and more...
Book Design by: Jeff Zwart and Ralph Hermens
Words by: Joshy Robots 

International orders available to select countries. Please note Luftgekühlt does not bear any responsibility for additional customs or duties you may incur. 

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